2024,07,22 Monday
2024,07,22 Monday

Instructions for Authors

1. All manuscripts created by the author in compliance with national laws and regulations can be authorized to be published on this site after review and compliance.

2. The copyright of all manuscripts authorized to publish on this site belongs to the author and is represented by this site. This site has the final editing rights and reserves the right to print, promote or publish to third parties. If the author’s information is not Complete, this site has the right to use the manuscript published by the author on this site without any notice.

3. Once verified that the original manuscript submitted by the author is not an original work by the author, the work will be deleted. The contributor shall be responsible for all the consequences.

4. This site rejects all manuscripts that violate national laws and regulations such as reactionary and obscene, and does not publish those that are contrary to social morals and ethics and have strong political colors.

5. Please do not reprint the content of the manuscript on this site without the consent of the original author or this site, and those who violate it are responsible for their own legal responsibility! If you want to reprint the original manuscript published on this site, you must contact the original author or this site, and you should retain the site and the original author's information when reprinting.

Manuscript requirements

1. The manuscript should be the original manuscript of the contributor, and may not plagiarize the work of other websites or their authors. If the submitted work has been published on other websites, this site has the right not to publish it.

2. The manuscript must not involve real politics or allusion to real politics; the work must not insinuate words and deeds that attack others, must not have a large amount of advertising, and must not contain a lot of extremely vulgar and tasteless content that is contrary to the public morals of the real society.

3. The manuscript should be used accurately and standardly with words and punctuation, and there should be no too many typos; typesetting and segmentation according to the corresponding subject format requirements; the number of words in the manuscript should be in accordance with the number of words required by the author's corresponding grade.

4. Manuscripts that have been published on this site must not be resubmitted. If they are published manuscripts, this site has the right not to publish them again.

5. Comply with relevant national laws and regulations, and must not involve all kinds of content that violates the regulations of the National Press and Publication Administration.

If you still have questions about submissions, please contact the email: zhangshishi@sunwise.sh.cn (please specify: "Contribution Questions Consultation").