2024,06,22 Saturday
2024,06,22 Saturday

The list of co-opted academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced! Professor Zheng Jinyang, a distinguished expert of the Hydrogen Energy Center, was elected

2021/12/7 12:53:084450

News from China Hydrogen Energy Network:

Today, the results of the 2021 academician co-election of the Chinese Academy of Engineering were announced. A total of 84 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 20 foreign academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering were elected.

Professor Zheng Jinyang of Zhejiang University, a member of the special committee of the Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center (referred to as "Hydrogen Energy Center"), was elected as an academician of the Department of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering.



Zheng Jinyang, male, Han nationality, born in November 1964 in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, joined the Communist Party of China in January 1986, joined the workforce in August 1992, graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, majoring in chemical equipment and machinery, postgraduate, Ph.D. . He is currently the deputy dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University. Elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2021.

Facing the major needs of the country, Academician Zheng Jinyang has achieved systematic innovations in terms of hydrogen storage high-pressure vessels, cryogenic pressure vessels, flexible high-pressure composite pipes, from theory, technology, standards, testing to product development and application.

Take the lead in the establishment of the International Hydrogen Energy Association Specification and Standards Committee and the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education for "High-Voltage Process Equipment and Safety"; the three series of products that have been developed under the presidency have been industrialized and mass-produced, and the key technical indicators have reached international highs. Applied in energy, chemical and other fields, it has significant social and economic benefits, and has made outstanding contributions for my country's high-pressure storage and transportation equipment to rank among the forefront of the world.

Lead the drafting of 2 national technical specifications and 11 national standards; published 9 Chinese and English works as the first author (including 2 monographs); authorized 58 invention patents as the first inventor; published SCI as the first or corresponding author 120 papers. The editor-in-chief of the national planning core curriculum textbook has published 5 editions, and the selection rate has exceeded 90% in the past 20 years; the core curriculum taught by the speaker has been selected as the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses.

Won 1 first prize and 2 second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 6 first prizes of provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, 2 first prizes of provincial and ministerial teaching achievement awards, 2 China Excellent Patent Awards, and China Standard Innovation Contribution Award 3 items.