2024,06,22 Saturday
2024,06,22 Saturday

Shunhua New Energy won the only hydrogen energy award in "China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award" in 2021

2021/12/23 15:00:002024

China Hydrogen Energy Network news:

Recently, the 2021 China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award ceremony was held in Shanghai. After the evaluation of "China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award" review committee, a total of 41 projects won awards this year, including 1 special prize, 9 first prize, 9 second prize, 22 third prize.


It is important to note that the first prize of Shanghai shun huaxin energy systems co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "shun huaxin energy"), tongji university and other five units completed "complete sets of equipment and design of high pressure gas filling station system key technology and application" project became the only winning hydrogen areas, shun huaxin energy is also the only winning the hydrogen equipment enterprise.

Understands China hydrogen power network, the project put forward innovative order take the cascade temperature control strategies, such as gas and the first based on the infrared real-time communication of high pressure hydrogen fast precooling filling technology, break through hydrogenation machine explosion-proof safety design technology and high precision measurement technology, filling rate, temperature control and measuring accuracy of the core leading indicators, The technical standard of high pressure hydrogen rapid filling in China was established.


About China SAE

Founded in 1963, THE Society is a part of China Association for Science and Technology, executive director of The World Federation of Societies of Automotive Engineers (FISITA), and one of the initiators of the Asia-pacific Automotive Engineering Conference (APAC). After more than 50 years of development, the society has become indispensable to push the car industry health and sustainable development important force, the automobile industry, the social from all walks of life both at home and abroad, government departments and the vast majority of scientific and technological personnel recognition, is China's auto industry spread to new ideas, new technologies, promote new concepts in communication power and improve the international auto industry important bridge of the communication.

About China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award

The Sci-tech Progress Award of China Automotive Industry shall be awarded to the following persons and organizations that have played a significant role in promoting the sci-tech progress of the automotive industry in independent innovation, application and promotion of advanced sci-tech achievements, and completion of major sci-tech projects, plans and projects:

1. Complete major scientific and technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and create significant economic benefits;

2. Those who have long been engaged in basic scientific and technological work or public welfare scientific and technological undertakings and have created remarkable social benefits;

3. Major engineering projects reaching the advanced international, domestic or advanced level.

Projects recommended for award should meet the following conditions:

1. Outstanding technological innovation: especially in the field of high and new technology, independent innovation with clear intellectual property rights or great technical difficulty solves hot spots, difficulties and key problems in the development of the industry;

2. Significant economic or social benefits: after more than two years of large-scale implementation and application, the results are stable and reliable, and have produced certain economic or social benefits, making a significant contribution to economic construction and social development;

3. Promoting the development of the industry: The project has a strong demonstration ability, improves the overall technical level, competitiveness and innovation ability of the industry, promotes the adjustment and optimization of the industrial structure, the upgrading of products, or explores new economic growth points, which has a certain role in promoting the development of the industry.

The inspection system

The sci-TECH Progress Award of China automotive Industry is divided into four levels: special, first, second and third prize. When the total number of applications is less than or equal to 150, the total number of special prize and first prize shall not exceed 4%. The projects above the second prize will be approved only if they receive more than 2/3 votes from the judges present.

Due to the perfect and rigorous evaluation system and the serious and fair work style of the judges and directors, the award is regarded by experts inside and outside the industry as the most fair and true evaluation of the scientific and technological achievements of the automotive industry.

Cars are low-carbon and intelligent

China Hydrogen Energy Network combed the award-winning projects of China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Awards over the years (2012-2012) and found the following rules:

1) The number of award-winning projects in the field of new energy has increased year by year, exceeding that in the field of traditional energy;


2) Hydrogen energy projects have won 6 awards, including 1 special prize, 4 first prize and 1 third prize. There are not many awards, but all of them are of great representative significance.


Among them, the first project related to fuel cell vehicles was the Key Technology R&d and Industrialization of Fuel Cell Vehicles jointly completed by SAIC, Tongji University and Xinyuan Power Co., LTD in 2019, which won the special prize.

The first project related to hydrogenation station is the key Technology and Application of High-pressure Gaseous Hydrogenation Station System Design and Complete Equipment, which was jointly completed by five companies including Tongji University and Shunhua New Energy in 2021, and won the first prize, which is also the only hydrogen energy project awarded this year.

3) The trend of intelligent and digital development is obvious, and a small number of machine recognition projects have come into view, but they are not yet mature.


As one of the most objective and valuable awards in the automotive industry science and technology, the China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award reveals the law and trend of the development of the automotive industry to a certain extent.

China Hydrogen Energy Network believes that low carbonization, intelligence, digitalization and machine learning, in which hydrogen energy plays an important role, will become the long-term development trend of the automotive industry in the future.