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2021 East Asia Summit New Energy Forum focuses on hydrogen energy utilization and development in China under dual carbon goals

2021/12/23 15:13:496850

China Hydrogen Energy Network news:

On October 20, 2021, the 2021 East Asia Summit New Energy Forum (" Forum ") was held in Xiangyuan Hilton Hotel, Hongqiao, Shanghai.

The theme of the forum is "Focus on Innovation cooperation to Build a New Development Pattern". There are two parallel forums, focusing on "Future development trends and policy suggestions of new energy" and "R&d, application and Achievement transformation of new energy technology products" respectively.

Among them, Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as "Hydrogen Energy Center") gave a keynote speech entitled "Hydrogen Energy Utilization and Development in China under the" Dual Carbon "goal".


According to the hydrogen Center's director, carbon neutrality can be achieved in three ways:

Energy supply side: non-carbon energy substitutes fossil energy for power generation and hydrogen production to build "new power system or energy supply system";

Energy consumption: in most areas of life, transportation, industry, agriculture and construction, non-carbon energy such as electricity, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy and solar energy can replace fossil energy consumption and improve energy efficiency;

Artificial carbon sequestration: carbon dioxide that has to be emitted can be removed through ecological construction, soil carbon sequestration, carbon capture and storage and other combined projects.

He pointed out that: renewable energy has a "big output affected by environment, random fluctuations, and does not match the actual electricity load and resource distribution imbalance", the characteristics of the hydrogen has a "zero carbon, energy efficient, given and storage" attribute, which makes the hydrogen in the foreseeable future, have a chance to become the only way across energy network collaborative optimization.



The key link in the current development of hydrogen energy

According to relevant domestic hydrogen energy reports, the director of hydrogen energy Center speculated that fuel cell vehicles will take the lead in large-scale application.

But he also pointed out that the production, storage, transportation, application and supply of hydrogen as an energy source are not yet complete. In order to realize zero-carbon, low-cost production, large-scale storage, transportation and wide application of hydrogen energy, the following three key links are needed:

1. Hydrogen production from renewable energy becomes the future direction, about 23 yuan /kg (0.3 yuan/KWH)

2. Hydrogenation station is a key link in the application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

3. Advances in fuel cell technology and equipment are the prerequisite for hydrogen energy to enter the field of construction and power generation


Prospect of hydrogen energy transport and storage

Finally, the director of hydrogen Energy Center made a reliable assumption on the future storage and transportation vision of hydrogen energy: clean energy base in western China/overseas green hydrogen → Yangtze River Basin/sea → Hydrogen use in Yangtze River Delta, and at the same time, with the help of natural gas hydrogen mixing mode, fully realize the effective utilization, safe storage and transportation and efficient use of hydrogen energy.


Hydrogen energy is essential to achieving carbon neutrality

This BBS by international cooperation department of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology, science and technology department of yunnan province, yunnan science and technology information institute, Shanghai science and technology exchange center, China - asean innovation center and China - South Asia technology transfer center, aimed at strengthening the east Asia summit countries technology exchanges and cooperation in the field of new energy and transfer, It will be an important gathering for all countries to jointly respond to the challenge of climate change and achieve common development.

According to the prediction of China Hydrogen Energy Alliance, the domestic demand for hydrogen energy will reach 37.15 million tons in 2030, accounting for 6% of the end energy consumption. More than 130 million tons in 2060, accounting for 20% of the end energy consumption. Hydrogen emissions are expected to be reduced by 1.8 billion tons in 2060, about 19% of current emissions.

It can be seen that hydrogen energy will account for an increasing proportion in the field of new energy, and will gradually become an important factor for China and other countries to achieve carbon neutrality.