2024,07,22 Monday
2024,07,22 Monday

The special research work of "Application Scenarios of Hydrogen Energy in equipment Field" was officially launched

2021/12/31 14:14:371528

On August 6th, Shanghai Integrated Development Promotion Center hosted a special meeting on the topic of "Application Scenarios of Hydrogen Energy in equipment Field", and Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Utilization Engineering And Technology Research Center as the entrusted party made a report on the topic. Experts from Tongji University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Space Power Research Institute, China Shipbuilding Corporation, Shanghai Electric Power Station Group, Shanghai Shunhua New Energy Source, Qingneng Stock and so on attended the meeting and gave guidance to the research.


The meeting held that under the background of national carbon neutralization strategy, hydrogen energy utilization is very important for improving new energy and equipment technology level, and has guiding significance for expanding the application scenarios of hydrogen energy utilization and improving the energy structure in equipment field. From the perspective of multi-angle professional application scenarios, the project will put forward the replacement and expansion of hydrogen energy in the field of equipment, and make application research on key technology paths of hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation, processing and use in the industrial chain, and propose the establishment of hydrogen safety detection and evaluation and standard specifications.