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Interview | Mr. Peng Jun, Dean of Research Institute of Shanghai Hua Entropy Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

2021/6/10 0:00:001595

At the 6th International Conference on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVC 2021), Mr. Peng Jun, Dean of the Research Institute of Shanghai Hua Entropy Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hua Entropy Energy") accepted China Hydrogen Energy Network and other media Interview.


About Hua Entropy Energy

Shanghai Hua Entropy Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovative enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of hydrogen fuel auto parts. It is the first domestic advanced enterprise involved in the all-round hydrogen fuel cell auxiliary system industry. Shanghai Hua Entropy has been focusing on the R&D and production of components for the hydrogen fuel industry auxiliary system (BOP system) for many years. Its high-power DC/DC, air compressors, hydrogen return pumps, etc., have been supplied to large enterprises such as SAIC, CRRC, and Chery Wanda.

What are the main technical advantages of Hua Entropy?

Peng Jun: China Entropy Energy mainly focuses on the key core components of hydrogen fuel cells. Its technical advantage lies in the combination of expert-level talents from components to system structure. It's higher than that.

We are mainly in the domestic fuel cell core component BOP market, which is basically the whole industry chain. From DC/DC to air compressors, there are two types of air compressors, one is a Roots-type solution, and the other is a centrifugal. The eight core components occupy two of the air compressor and the hydrogen return pump.

At this International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference (FCVC 2021), what are the core products and highlights of the companies participating in the exhibition?

Peng Jun: One is a DC/DC, and the other is a centrifugal air compressor.

Our DC/DC generally uses silicon carbide, which satisfies the mainstream technical route and is very cost-effective. Our centrifugal air compressor is also highly cost-effective. In addition to the basic performance that meets the current mainstream technical requirements, our main focus is high cost-effectiveness. The system party or the vehicle manufacturer reports that the price of centrifugal air compressors is too high, so when we do product design input, we take cost-effectiveness as the primary consideration. At the same time, we use our company’s self-provided manufacturing technology, which is the industrial route, and the cost is When it comes down, basically the same price of centrifugal and screw air compressors can be achieved. We believe that this price meets the needs of fuel cell systems for parts and components.

In your opinion, is the main competitive advantage of your products being cost-effective? Can you talk about it from a technical point of view, how do you achieve cost-effective advantages?Peng Jun: Take a centrifugal air compressor as an example. Generally speaking, one of the components is a pump head, one is a motor, one is an electric control, and the other is an air bearing (the current mainstream situation).

In the air bearing, we have solved the core technology, and then we can achieve the same price of the centrifugal air bearing and the ball bearing. Generally speaking, the high-speed rolling process of the ball bearing costs more than 1,000 yuan. It is the aerodynamic impeller. The impeller is already very mature in our country’s industrial chain, so in general, the million-level impeller in many large factories is very cheap, with a few hundred yuan each. In addition, for the high-speed motor, we give full play to our professional advantages. , Changed the manufacturing process of high-speed motors, and achieved the same price as medium-speed motors, which are ordinary ordinary motors.

In addition, the cost of the controller mainly depends on the raw material, which is the original device. This piece is made by ourselves, and its material cost is about the same. As far as we know, other companies are equipped with others, so the four major components include pump head, motor, electric control and air. Bearings are made by ourselves, so our cost is very low, so the cost performance is very high.

Do you think driverless and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are a good combination? What influence can they have on each other?

Peng Jun: Yes, because we call unmanned driving smart, smart and hydrogen fuel are also called new energy. It is also involved in our company's business. We call it dual-energy drive. One is smart and the other is hydrogen energy. In the future, dual-energy drive should be one of the main ways of automobile development, which is a very good concept.

What is the future development trend of high-power centrifugal air compressors?

Peng Jun: From the perspective of the needs of fuel cell OEMs, with the large-scale development of fuel cells, a high-power requirement is also put forward for air compressors, such as flow-to-pressure ratio: high flow and high pressure. At the same time, it is hoped that the auxiliary power consumption of the fuel cell will be lower. Therefore, at present, the mainstream production capacity is placed on boosting, but the follow-up technical route may be to increase flow recovery. Hua Entropy Energy has also been carrying out R&D innovation and product iteration on the mainstream technology route.